Many instructors like to form teaching skills and philosophies from those of well known instructors. This is fine for some golfers, but I find that so many individual swings are so different that one approach does not work for all golfers. I have been to seminars hosted by some outstanding instructors: Manuel De La Torre, Hank Haney, and David Ledbetter. I have also attended additional seminars hosted by teaching professionals from across the US in PGA sponsored clinics. From these, I have developed a teaching style that is fulfilling, easy to understand, and fun to work with. Many of my students are surprised to see how simple I can make their learning experience.

I was fortunate enough to be a part of working with members of the Richmond High School Boys Team in Richmond, Indiana in 2004 when they won the Indiana State Championship.

The Highlands in Forest Park is centrally located at Kingshighway and Highway 40. The new driving range and short game facility create the best learning environment in the St. Louis area. If you have your own equipment or not, we can design a learning strategy just for you.

Last 3 rounds since my lesson with Mark… 92-91-85. 45 - 40 today! First time I broke 90 in three years! Thanks Mark!!!" - Sean B.

Mark only needed to see four of my swings to tell me what was wrong and how to fix it. His swing corrections are non-technical, making it very easy to do what he tells you." - Lea G.

Mark is a fantastic teacher. When you try to follow what he tells you, there is a clear evolution in your golf game." - Stephen S.

Mark is a great teacher. He helped me relax my swing." - Andrew D.

My boys and I had a great experience with Mark. I was so impressed by his way with my boys, that I took lessons also. The Highlands is very encouraging and is set up to make it easy to learn the game of golf." - Sarah D.

Mark gets you to understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it." - Parker D.

Mark has a very unique ability to pinpoint little things that help your swing or your game, like alignment or putting. My business group meets with Mark one lunch time a month. He provided creative indoor putting drills in inclement weather. " - Richard T.

Thanks to Mark, my ball goes farther and straighter with LESS effort….if I complete my turn!" - Liz S.

Mark has been one of the greatest assets to our Fore Business networking group. His guidance and knowledge of the golf game has helped each one of us develop our golf game whether it be instruction, game strategy, course management, rules, etiquette or just helping choose the right clubs to buy. He is a true professional who inspires us to do our very best through his patience and reliability. We even have winter indoor lessons that are not only fun, but totally out of the box and challenging. We would highly recommended Mark to anyone who wants to improve their game or just learn to have more fun playing golf." - Donna B.
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